On further investigation I have focused on documents as the objects I wish to use to portray these ideas. This second series of twenty by twenty-inch color images are also very formally constructed, as they are composed carefully. The titles are simply fragments that I chose from the portions of the negatives that were printed. Such titles include; home, two cents, hand canceled, structure, etc. Wherever the paper becomes layered, whether on the envelope or leaves lying on each other, the yellow becomes dark amber, then deep red. The act of hand to pen to paper is the most intimate and illustrative example of residual evidence that is left behind from someone’s thoughts, from their existence.
My first exploration of photographing objects was to continue with my formal way of working in black and white. My focus was spaces, human made, always buildings and structures forming portals to look from a dark or light space into another where some activity or thing could be viewed and discovered. These were only a departure from previous work into the next. The documents became a continuation in another form. The looking outward or onto then became looking inward at the things in the space that made it special and captivating.
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