Once an object has been touched, particularly a possession I feel “something” is left behind. This residual touch has passed on an experience, a thought, or perhaps an action. A sense of nostalgia has always played a part in the situations, places, and things that I have sought out to photograph. Well made objects, furniture, tools, the types of things that were intended to “live” forever are the items that lend themselves to this. Often it is something given to someone else once its owner no longer had use for it, these things handed down that innately posses an identity.
Houses especially, with their multitude of objects, emanate a personality of their own by having taken in the activity and movement of the people and things that have lived there. By photographing objects interacting in these spaces, I try to portray to the viewer some sense of what I feel: presence, curiosity, reverence. The aspect of energy never being created or destroyed but simply changing shape is intriguing to me and inanimate objects have the potential for motion simply by existing. The real action on the object can be seen as spectral or natural depending on the predisposition of the viewer.
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